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The personalized legal advice in each case and the job well done translates into security for our clients.


Judicial processes:

  • Specialists in Private Law
  • Specialists in Criminal law
  • Claims for International Law
  • Immigration law and Alienage
Corporate Law:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Constitution of Companies
  • Bank Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency Law, Insolvency Litigation and Corporate Rescue
Real-estate Law:

  • Town Planning Law
  • Mortgage law
  • Representation and advice in investment in Spain
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Business opening
  • Investments


It is essential to be provided with a good advice of experts in every matter to be able to give a real juridical forecast of the viability of the matter, expectations, costs and type of procedure to be applied, and of course, to be able to realize technical and juridical reports by pertinent experts if needed to reach our targets. To give a good juridical service with a close coordination and collaboration with other professionals of other areas to facilitate our work is why Zumaquero Abogados works closely and collaborates with the best notaries, attorneys, economists, architects, engineers, doctors …


The personalized legal advice in each case and the job well done translates into security for our clients.

We are a young team of professionals who have been endorsed by many years of experience in the field of law and business, specialists in solving problems and seek answers to the needs that our clients pose us.

Zumaquero Abogados is a multinational team and proud of its international vocation. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of giving our clients the security of being protected by a team of lawyers who are specialists in their subject, who are served in their language and who feel the Same security as if he were in his country.

Luis Miguel Zumaquero

Luis Miguel Zumaquero

Xenia Yusova

Xenia Yusova

Enrique Sánchez Sánchez

Enrique Sánchez Sánchez



A satisfied customer is our best motivation.

Our customer base is very varied, ranging from private local or small and medium-sized companies from different sectors of activity to banks or insurance companies.

For us, legal advice is about understanding each client’s personal situation and dealing with the legal aspects of the case in an individualized way.



Zumaquero Abogados & International Investment Consultants SLP is a law firm that has opened in Torrevieja founded by lawyer Luis Miguel Zumaquero and adviser Xenia Yusova. It is a modern multidisciplinary office that both a city and Torrevieja needs and which has been created for the free access of all national and foreign citizens to justice and public bodies and hiring and mediation.

I personally know Luis Miguel and he is an experienced lawyer who with his team of experts dominates in Criminal, Foreign, Mercantile, Civil and Family Law. In criminal law especially dedicated to road safety and traffic crime and gender violence. In Civil and Commercial Law singularly they touch Claims of quantity, Contracts and documents, Community of owners, Evictions, Family crises and the Constitution of companies and societies.

And the co-founder the young adviser Xenia Yusova was a former and brilliant student of mine at the UNED and with her knowledge of five languages ​​specializes in International Law, especially on Investments and Compa Sales of Real Estate and Taxation of foreigners, and Residence and Work records , Family Reunification and Residency of minors.

I wish you the greatest professional and personal success as you deserve it for your dedication and work with your clients in defense of your legitimate interests.

Retired magistrate
Former professor of the UNED of Elche


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