In connection with the adoption by Spain of law 13/2014 on supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization and its subsequent amendment, Spain literally opened the doors to a new stream of talent and businessmen.
Who can get a residence?

1. Investors (investing from 500,000 € to 2,000,000 € in real estate or the economic development of the Kingdom of Spain);

2. Entrepreneurs (developing a business and creating new jobs in the country);

3. Families of investors and entrepreneurs;

4. Highly qualified specialists; and also (!)

5. Trustees of entrepreneurs delegated to Spain specifically for the development of a newly created business.

It was the last point that became a significant innovation for people who are ready to invest in a new business, but are not ready to move to permanent residence. In addition, now there is a unique opportunity to invest with the help of a legal entity. The only thing to keep in mind is the place of registration of the enterprise (it cannot come from an offshore zone).

To top it all off, the opportunity to unite the whole family with the applicant without additional bureaucratic delays and a work permit for all family members from the very beginning of their stay in the country has become a pleasant highlight for everyone who thinks about how to improve the quality of life.

How and where to apply? Who should be present when serving? Can I transfer this right to my lawyer? Is it necessary to be in the country? If so, in which one? What if I want to buy a villa in half with a friend? How about a mortgage? I don’t have enough of my own funds ..
If you are interested in this and much more, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in social and economic integration for details.

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