The situation in which we all found ourselves made even the simplest and most well-established everyday things shaky, giving way to uncertainty and anxiety.

In this regard, we received hundreds of calls from people worried about various problems ..

Therefore, we consider it necessary to make a brief review of those that we have processed to a greater extent, and which may represent the most pronounced interest from the point of view of civil law.

At the end of the state of emergency in the country, the socio-economic conditions will be completely different: the cost of the purchased housing will no longer correspond to the contract price, the mortgage offered earlier will most likely not be affordable.

Is it possible to do something in connection with these circumstances or immediately proceed to terminate the contracts in connection with non-compliance with its conditions?

In this case, we are talking about the use of a rare and effective legal figure. We are talking about the so-called principle of “Rebus sic stantibus”, in which there is a possibility in the courts to change the provisions of the contract in the event of a sharp and unforeseen change in circumstances independent of the parties to the contract who were unable to foresee and foresee these circumstances.

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